This is a frequently asked question, and the answer is simple.  There is no one-size, fits-all answer to this question…..and there shouldn’t be. At one of my earliest training courses in organising, I recall a lightbulb moment which has forever resonated with me.  You see I came into this work thinking that I know exactly how to organise stuff, people and time.  There was no doubt that I could get stuff done and achieve the end goal, but it was clear that I had my own way of getting there.  I quickly learnt that my way isn’t the “right” way. Let me illustrate.  Picture oneRead More →

Allsorts Organising's Declutter Challenge Week 46: Rubbish Bins

We are getting close to the end of our year long declutter challenge and what an amazing year – I am certainly loving my house even more and the new white space I have gained.  We still have a few tricky weeks to come with memorabilia and also chatting about maintenance, but it is all second nature this decluttering routine for so many of you that I hope it makes it a lot easier. This week is a relatively quick one reviewing the rubbish bins, inside and out. So how do we decide what stays and what goes? So how many rubbish bins do youRead More →