Allsorts Organising's Declutter Challenge Week 46: Rubbish Bins

We are getting close to the end of our year long declutter challenge and what an amazing year – I am certainly loving my house even more and the new white space I have gained.  We still have a few tricky weeks to come with memorabilia and also chatting about maintenance, but it is all second nature this decluttering routine for so many of you that I hope it makes it a lot easier.

This week is a relatively quick one reviewing the rubbish bins, inside and out.

So how do we decide what stays and what goes?

So how many rubbish bins do you have in your home? Don’t include the council/government ones in this number as they should be fully functioning.

Do you have bins in the kitchen, bathroom/s, study, bedrooms and garage?

How many are actually used routinely? And by used, I mean filled and emptied.

Are they still in good working order?

If they aren’t being used or aren’t fulfilling their function and are broken/damaged, it is time for them to move on.

What do I do with the keepers?

They definitely all need homes that enable them to be accessed easily and safely when they are needed.

If you use bin liners, I highly recommend that you store the roll in the bottom of the bin so there is no hunting for a new one when the old one is full and being removed.  These types of little tricks make life so much easier for all concerned.

What do I do with the ones that no longer have a purpose for me?

If the items are broken or no longer functional they are just taking up valuable space in your home and need to go in the bin ironically (recycling whatever you can of course!).

If they are still in good condition but no longer have a purpose in your home, you can also consider some of these sell/swap and donation options.

  • Sell or Swap:
    • Swap with your friends or family.
    • Facebook Marketplace or any of the myriad of Buy/Swap/Sell groups
    • Garage Sale

How did you go?  Feel free to share your successes, challenges and tips on our Facebook page.

Happy decluttering!

Melissa x

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