All testimonials posted here are done so under the terms outlined in our Privacy and Confidentiality policy (see more information here).  That means that they are very short quotes or extracts taken from some of the lovely comments we have received from our clients that in no way identify them unless they have provided their express permission to us to do so.


We love what we do and would like to shout it from the rooftops, but respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients is far too important for us.  That is why we also choose not to publish any photographs from any of the jobs we have completed.  We hope all of our past, present and potential future clients appreciate our strong stance on this.

It helps to know there are people in this world that help others because they care.  I never would have believed it if I hadn’t met two people yesterday who fit the bill perfectly.  I have to tell you that my little corner of this planet has become greater and helped give me a different perspective of this sometimes cruel world.  Thank you for helping me see things in a totally different light.  Thank you both for everything you have done to help my future seem much more palatable.


I can’t thank you enough, you have changed my life. I now can invite friends to my home. I am now not ashamed of myself.


Catherine was absolutely fantastic, good rapport, made me feel comfortable at home. Did not judge and was very efficient. Rating of 5/5.


Thank you so much for your assistance Melissa. Working with you was not only a very pleasant experience, the process of decluttering and getting our paperwork under control was extremely cathartic. I am very grateful for the additional ‘headspace’ this has now afforded me. I honestly could not have done it without you… evidenced by the 5 years it took me to come to you. I am amazed that we managed to get it all done in our short time together. “like with like” is now my new organising mantra!


Jo and Melissa are so helpful, non-judgemental and kind. We really appreciated their services in getting our house in order, and it has made a big difference to our standard of living.


Melissa was professional, responsive and highly intuitive in her dealings with us, providing an excellent level of service that was appropriate to our needs and the various issues affecting the project.  She dealt with people sensitively, produced outcomes on time and was flexible when the situation changed at our end with little or no notice.  Melissa’s positive approach, attention to detail and efficiency meant that this project was easy for us and that it resulted in a series of organised, documented and usable storage spaces.

Executive Officer, UnitingCare Kippax

I was very fortunate to have the pleasure to work with Jo recently when our organisation was bequeathed a decades estate in Canberra.  Jo oversaw the clearing, cleaning and preparation of an extremely cluttered and neglected home from start to finish. A huge job which she managed with a very high level of professionalism and efficiency. In particular, her sensitivity toward the situation was admirable. She considered the family of the deceased, and indeed the deceased first, and ensured his belongings were handled with respect and that his privacy was maintained.

She also took the sustainability values of our organisation seriously and worked hard to ensure that as much of the property was diverted from landfill as possible, and went to assisting those in need.

Being located in Sydney it was a great relief to be able to entrust every detail to Jo. Her communication through every step of the process gave me full confidence in her abilities. I believe Jo went above and beyond for WWF-Australia and we are very grateful to her.

Philanthropy Officer, WWF-Australia

I love my new rooms!  Thank you so much for coming into my house and life and assisting me to declutter and organise my space, especially my cupboards, in a non-judgemental way! It is so helpful that you take the clothes away [for donation].  I feel so much better in myself and now love being in my kitchen!  Thank you!


Melissa’s ability to listen to our needs, clarify objectives and provide options to ensure we made decisions that met our expectations demonstrates her ability to provide a high quality service for her clients. Her enthusiasm, passion and patience were of great support and on numerous occasions she was the voice of reason.

Melissa provided a number of locations and options for our wedding within our specified budget, which assisted us to make a choice that we were very comfortable with. Melissa also managed communication with the providers in Bali, which was at times difficult due to language and cultural differences; however she did so with clarity and tolerance.

Our wedding was the most amazing day, everyone was so relaxed and every element was prepared and organised. We can’t thank Melissa enough for making our wedding a truly magnificent day and enjoyable experience for our family and friends.


We would HIGHLY recommend Melissa from Allsorts Organising.  We called Melissa in at a time when we became overwhelmed with our planning for our fast approaching wedding. She responded amazingly fast and offered us help and advice, and made us feel confident that we could make it happen.

She is very professional, a very warm and kind individual who absolutely loves what she does. It was one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process.

Because of her help, we truly were able to focus on enjoying the day, our loved ones, and each other, rather than worrying about details. She helped us with ideas on nibbles, and decorating, and making sure we did and said the right things (which my husband would have forgotten haha), and was there on the day and made sure it went smoothly with many small touches that made it feel like a polished event.

We can’t thank her enough. Thank you again Melissa!




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