Our Vision

To reclaim space and time and simplify the lives of individuals in Canberra and surrounding areas.

Our Mission

We partner with individuals and organisations to create functional, productive and comfortable living and work environments.

Our Values


We respect our clients, their possessions and their wishes. We will empower you to make informed decisions that take you towards the life you wish to lead. We will be your coach and guide, but it is not our place to make those decisions for you.


We will guide and support you through your transformation. We acknowledge the challenges of disorganisation and will not judge you or your environment.


We will act with kindness and empathy in our engagement with you. Our care and concern for our clients is genuine.


We will be honest and professional at all times. We will provide you with advice and options and do not identify you or share information without your express approval. We respect your right to privacy.


We believe in paying it forward and sharing our knowledge and skills. We make an active contribution to the Canberra community through the provision of workshops and discounted services to those who need it the most. We are also dedicated to increasing awareness of hoarding disorder.


We are focused on results for our clients. We are accountable and want to celebrate your success but can only do that if you succeed in achieving your goals.

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