Here are some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis.  If you have any other questions, or would just like to chat about how we could assist you in achieving your organising goals at home or at work, please contact us today.


How much do you charge?

Our services are charged on an hourly basis and start at $99 per hour (inclusive of GST) to work with one of our expert Professional Organisers.

Further information about our rates, including available packages, is available here.

We are uniquely positioned in Canberra in that we have a team of four (4) specialist organisers combining a wealth of experience and specialities.  An organiser, or team of organisers, will be recommended to you based on your specific needs.  More information about the team is available here.

We understand that there are others offering their services at a lower rate.  As you are inviting people into your home and office to guide you and ultimately save you time and money, please enquire as to what specialist training they have undertaken, their insurances, and if they have a current police check or Working With Vulnerable People registration.

An investment up front in quality can increase your returns over a lifetime.


Do you offer discounts?

We do offer some discounts for blocks of time purchased and paid in advance and for some of our packages.  We also offer a discount to self-managed NDIS participants, seniors, members of COTA ACT and clients who are referred to us through the community sector as part of our commitment to our local community.

Further information about our current rates, including rates for self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants and Not-for-Profit organisations, is available here.

At times we also provide offers via our Facebook page, usually in the lead up to events like Christmas or Mother’s Day, so ‘Like’ us and request notifications from our page to be kept informed of these offers and also the tips that we posts from time to time.


How long does it take to organise a house/room/garage etc? Can you provide a quote to complete my house/room/garage etc?

We can certainly provide an estimate based on our experience for your consideration. Due to the nature of the organising process, it is sometimes difficult to provide an accurate estimation of time as the ability to make significant progress during the time allocated will also depend upon how quickly you are able to make decisions. The quantity of items and any subsequent risks uncovered during the process may add to the scope of work.

The important thing to note is that you are in control.  We don’t make decisions for you, just provide you with any guidance you need along the way, as well as some additional hands to get things moving (or moved as the case may be!).


What happens with the items that I don’t need any more?

Any items removed from your property are only done so with your express permission. We will guide you through the process of making decisions and can suggest appropriate channels for donation, recycling, re-sale and disposal. We will transport items for donation and recycling wherever practicable and within reasonable quantities. The client assumes any additional cost associated with removal of items.


What about Privacy and Confidentiality?

Your satisfaction and privacy is of the utmost importance to us and therefore will be carefully guarded.  Our services are non-judgmental and strictly confidential.

Our vehicles have no signage either so you don’t need to worry about broadcasting our presence at your home and we certainly don’t put all of your worldly goods on your front lawn for the world to see like they do on some of *those* television shows. We will never make good television, just functional homes and that is exactly how we like it.

Please read more about our stance on privacy and confidentiality here.


Do you have any ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs?

Some people ask us for ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos as a testimonial of the quality of our work and we have to politely say no.  Our policy is simply not to share any private information unless under the strictest of conditions and with our client’s written approval. Should you choose to work with us, this will apply to your information as well.

In addition to our strong stance on privacy, images such as these are subject to judgement and we don’t like to judge let alone judge books by their covers (or how straight they are on a shelf!).  One client’s ‘after’ may appear like a stock photo for a show home and another’s might look like someone’s ‘before’ photo.  The key thing is that we work alongside our clients to achieve their goals which are usually a fully functioning home that works based on their personal preferences and lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about the quality of our work you can read some testimonials, we have a few on our website here.  Additional testimonials can be provided on request.


What is a ‘Professional’ Organiser?

From the (former) Australasian Association of Professional Organisers:

“The role of a Professional Organiser is many and varied.  Our members offer services ranging from time management, storage design, event management, decluttering services and system development in your home, workplace and business.

A professional organiser can contribute significantly to the effectiveness of your office and home, tailoring services to suit whatever area of your life needs organising.”

Yes, anyone could become an organiser, but to become a “Professional Organiser” requires specialist skills and knowledge, training and the right attitude.

Our work is all about our clients – your needs, preferences and goals.  Our role is to coach you towards the achievement of your goals, offering guidance on solutions, keeping you on track, motivating you and being by your side every step of the way.  This is how sustainable results are achieved.


Why should I choose Allsorts Organising?

Allsorts Organising are Canberra’s most experienced and qualified hands-on Professional Organisers with specialist expertise in working with individuals who are chronically disorganised or struggling with hoarding disorder or other mental or physical health challenges.

Our clients, including those from the community sector, come to us because we understand the challenges of disorganisation and work in partnership with our clients to establish and achieve their organising goals. We do so with professionalism and integrity and without judgment.

Melissa is the only Canberra-based Organiser to have obtained a Level II Specialist Certificates in Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding, Ageing and ADHD from US-based Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) amongst others.  Melissa has also been interviewed for television, radio, print and digital media (see here).

More information about all of the team is available here.

Allsorts Organising are fully insured with Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation insurances. All team members hold current National Police Checks and Working with Vulnerable People registrations issued by the ACT Government at a minimum.

If you would like to know more about the quality of our work you can read some testimonials, we have a few on our website here.  Additional testimonials can be provided on request.


How do you “organise”?

You will often hear us saying that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to organising.

As professional organisers, we can offer a range of solutions to meet your organising needs.  We take a project-based and people-centred approach, working closely with you throughout the process to ensure that your organisational goals are met.

To read more about our approach, click here.


Do you have insurance?

Yes.  Allsorts Organising are fully insured with Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Workers Compensation insurances.


Do you have a Working with Vulnerable People card and Police Checks?

Yes.  All team members have current Working with Vulnerable People registrations cards meaning that they have undergone a comprehensive background check and have been registered with the ACT Office of Regulatory Services.  Further information about the scheme is available here.

All team members also have current National Police Checks.


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